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Lynne's List Video Links - Everything You Need for your Painting Project

I just finished my video and am happy to add these links for you to start your own project:

A couple of unfinished trays like the one I used (if you use these trays, no need to prime them. Just paint:

Home Depot 16 x 12" JoAnn Fabrics 14 x 11"

Rub and Buff - Gold/Silver Product Best Price - Michaels:

The Martha Stewart Stencil that I used in the video - 20% off with 20MADEBYYOU

Brushes for stenciling and painting:

Walmart: Amazon:

Fusion Paint - Liberty Blue - hard to find! So, close second and third below - Wax built in - No need to prime.

Michaels chalk paint - very reasonably priced:

Amazon Chalk Paint - Wax built in - No need to prime:

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