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True to My Word I Foraged Outside and Put this Together!

So, I am reposting with the pics from my own creation. It does not look exactly like French Country, but I went outside and the pickings were pretty slim. I live in New England so there is not much blooming (hardly anything at all). I finally settled on branches from my tree outside which had bloomed but now had dried up berries. Put them in the vase along with some greenery I had, which is artificial and voila! I made a centerpiece. The experience was calming and gave me some time to think as I walked around looking for my materials. I think you all should try it and if you make anything you are proud of, put a pic below. We'd love to see! Lynne

This article inspired me to get outside and find some interesting branches, berries and leaves to create a unique centerpiece (even though I have to wear boots). If you can't get real flowers to intertwine, use some artificial for the time being. I plan to do this later today and after it's done, I will feature it! Maybe we could all do it and then take a pic?

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