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QVC Olive Tree - Very pretty for decorating

I have been looking for a tall plant for my house and have always loved olive trees.  Is it pricey?  A bit but it comes recommended from this designer.  Ripe olives and green leaves are affixed to the branches of this lifelike tree. Display it in a decorative urn to bring natural beauty to your home decor. From the Valerie Parr Hill Collection. Lifelike olive leaf tree in weighted pot Olives and green leaves attached to branches For indoor use only Measurements: Tree 5'H; Pot 5"D x 4-1/2"H
5 Ft. Artificial Olive Tree for your home.

Very nice addition to your home. Olive tree which is artificial but looks like the real thing. Reviews about this designer are great! Check it out...I'm ordering.

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