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Got a Backyard, Pool or both?...Think Perfect Furniture!

I began this search at Pier One because I wanted to make my back yard an oasis. I am taking it piece by piece. Many of the patterns and designs I looked at are nice but I wanted a specific look. As I searched, I found many great bargains which I will share here. Please click on image-

These pillows are wonderful because of the pattern and price and If yellow is your thing, what a fun decoration!

Or even these cuties!

I also looked at blue because of the effect it has in the yard with the pool. These are very sweet and scream boho look.

In the end, I settled on these embroidered blue pillows as they are a mixture of vintage and boho. I love embroidery!

Then, I needed a couple of chairs. So, I searched Pier One again. Here's what I found that are all really nice and well priced:

Great chair and on sale for under $100 with sale prices. This was a top contender in the running. Love the wicker but needed a cushion. I wanted to simplify but you might grab a cushion and go..

Another beauty with a mixture of rope and wicker. Over $100 but well worth the price because you don't need a chair pad.

Ultimately, my decision was two of these rope chairs. They are just killer for sitting outside, feeling relaxed but also have a casual look but not run-of-the-mill. I'm happy with the pillows and chairs as are shown below (not professional photography:)

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